Our Partners


Our Council of Innovation™

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful partnership of technology leaders and health innovators which extends our reach anywhere, anyplace, anytime. This collaboration provides our clients the best specialized skills and emerging IT solution resulting in exceptional value.

Cloudmine Secure digital health applications

CloudMine is a secure HIPAA compliant data enablement platform that helps healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to build intelligent, connected solutions and operationalize their most sensitive data.

TouchPoint Care Stay in touch TouchPointCare provides the most effective and flexible telehealth system for hospital to home transition care as well as on-going disease management, patient education, and medication management.

Validic Data to inform Validic platform and mobile solutions provide continuous access to personal health data from over 350 in-home medical devices and wearables — with a comprehensive toolset to administer and support programs, elevate critical data, onboard and enroll members, and manage device connections.

qMetrix Group Solutions for physicians and clinics

Specialists in innovative, ever-evolving quality improvement solutions to help practices have both a clinical and financial benefit via annual wellness programs made easier and profitable. Mental health screening and monitoring tools allowing patients to self-report common behavioral health symptoms.

Rishabh Software CMMI Level-3 web, mobile and cloud development services

Over 100,000 square feet of best-of-breed infrastructure enables us to leverage the latest technology stacks in Cloud, Mobile, Business Intelligence and other Enterprise technologies.

Svitla Systems Web and mobile to big data to internet of things Silicon Valley custom software development company with deep technology and industry experise with delivery offices across the globes.

Managed team extension and build to order software applications.