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appceteraMD Health Group offers a broad and deep choice of solutions for the healthcare and pharma market. We offer end-to-end solutions to help you  plan, build and innovate—from data analytics to integrated software and digital solutions.


appcetera|MD Health Group provides implementation, integration, database analytics, and technologies to support and maintain your Electronic Health Record system. Whether you are implementing, training, or just beginning we have the core competencies to help plan, design, and implement your NextGen project at all levels. The success of your NextGen implementation depends on having the right people, in the right place, and at the right time.


Lean on our remote system administration and we will provide you with expert application support for your staff and projects. With appcetera|MD Health Group, you leverage our in-depth knowledge and extensive NextGen electronic health record experience to your benefit.

Healthcare Management

Align your business operations and clinical workflows while you adapt processes related to better managed outcomes. We will help you modify areas of system configuration and adopt optimizations from our healthcare management solutions team while we identify potential areas of weakness and eliminate inefficiencies.

Process Improvement

Our clinical experts analyze how you use your EHR and help you make more efficient use of the system based on your specific needs. We'll make recommendations and provide best practice workflows and deliver a personalized actionable plan and we will help you implement.

Patient Engagement

Health monitoring and patient engagement is the engine that drives better outcomes, healthier communities, and lower cost of care. Our integrated patient engagement solutions get your patients involved in their own care and ongoing wellness. We make patient engagement easier.

Clinical Documentation

Complete and accurate documentation is at the core of every patient encounter. Our Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) experts will help you reflect the scope of services with accuracy and timeliness. Successful clinical documentation improvement (CDI) solutions facilitate the accurate representation of your patients clinical status.